I seriously want to try their burgers!
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Posted 1 year ago

Here’s what’s going down.

My period is about to start. I started crying while eating chocolates last night for no reason. I can’t stop sweating. I’m so hungry for bad food. I hate this time of the damn month. Let’s cheer me up with carnival food porn!!! YAY!

Ohhh yah baby, come to papa.

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Posted 2 years ago

Yesterday was amazing. Beau visited me at work, I put my check in the bank, we went grocery shopping together (shopping for food is my favorite thing ever.) I found the drink I’ve been looking for, Neurobliss, at Acme and I’m super excited to try it out. I read several reviews where people say it lives up to it’s name and does in fact, boost your mood. I just hope it tastes good :)

At the store, I bought chipotle hummus, pita chips, orange chicken, frozen mixed veggies, yogurt, and Neurobliss. Shout out to Dana for turning me on to hummus like 7 years ago, I’ve been eating it and loving it since :) Such a healthy alternative to chips!

My mom was kind enough to cook dinner for Beau and I :) I grabbed a bowl and layered white rice, mixed veggies, and then orange chicken on top. The whole was incredibly delicious, and I felt like I was eating at a real Chinese restaurant (even though I don’t like Chinese food!)

Afterward, Beau and I watched the movie “Matilda” which was great because I love that movie and hadn’t seen it in so many years. It was a really awesome night!

There are so many recipes I want to make but never remember to make them. This weekend, I want to make the pirate ship cake I planned for my birthday. I work on Saturday, but only til 3pm, so that gives me plenty of time to get the ingredients and make it. Then I’ll take lots of pictures of it and dig in :)

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Things I need

To buy this weekend:

1. Frontline for Luigi (~$60)

2. Food for the upcoming week (<$20)

—greek yogurt


—turkey & cheese


—frozen mixed veggies



—frozen margherita pizza

3. Psych book(~$50)

4. Rain boots (~$20)

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