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Last week, I was working on a paper in my English class. It was an in class work day so the classroom was quiet, everyone typing away and researching and revising. I heard my teacher get up and walk over to Rodney, the kid who sits behind me and pretty much never comes to class. I couldn’t help but overhear her question him about the last paper we turned in. The assignment was to write a 6-8 pg paper about an urban legend. Well, his paper was about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre… and she was asking him about his sources. Our teacher was telling him how wrong it is to plagiarize, and if Rodney did, he should tell her now and not deny it. She said she knew it wasn’t his work because it wasn’t his voice/tone/vocabulary. Our teacher proceeded to point out a few words in his essay and asked him what they meant…he had no response. Rodney started stuttering a plea, and I waited to hear the teacher dismiss him from the class and possibly the whole school.

To my astonishment, our teacher said to him, “You know, I’m supposed to report you to the head of the English department and have you kicked out of school. Do you understand that?….But I want you to rewrite this paper, in your own words and with completely credible sources. And I won’t turn you in.”


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